LivLive opens the doors to live music venues, allowing venues, artists, and labels to reach more fans with each live performance and generate new revenue. Streaming video with pristine audio quality, LivLive brings live performances from intimate, local venues to an interconnected audience from all four corners of the globe.  

We are currently running a technical pilot to test the core components of the platform and gather feedback from our participating venues, artists, and labels.  If you are interested in participating in our technical pilot, please visit our bookings page for our contact information.

While nothing can replace the experience of actually being at a live show, LivLive gives those fans unable to make the show in person a way to connect to the live experience.  By enjoying a piece of what they're missing, fans are more likely to seek the real thing when the opportunity allows and help build an online audience that supports and promotes the venue, the artist, and the label.

The LivLive Team